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FPG provides this Certification Search function for all clients with ISO Management Systems certified and registered by Foundation for Policy and Governance LLC. This function is intended to satisfy the certification informational needs of our client’s partners, vendors, and customers.


The Certification Search function provides access to a specific certificate and certification or to all available certificates and certifications awarded to a client. It identifies the status and scope of the certificate and certification and makes select certification documents available for viewing.


There are two (2) modes of searching provided:

  1. Search By Certificate Number - (If the Certificate Number is known, then this option should be used)

  2. Search By Organization Name - (If the Organization Name or Code is known, then this option should be used)

Please contact us, via email (, to report any difficulties and/or discrepancies

encountered while using this function.

Please click the "Certification Search" button below to conduct your search. 

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